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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LinkList #1

Introduce you LinkList #1. LinkList will provide a blogs that can help us (include me) how to make money with blog. Mainly target is to helping each bloggers especially to a new bloggers to gain some reference and information about get paid to programme, affiliate marketing, niche, traffics and many more in order to start their new online revenue. Hopefully, LinkList will be helpful and informative to bloggers.

a) Dosh Dosh - Helping You Make Money Online

Dosh Dosh is blog about a ways to make money where the topics commonly focus into professional blogging, get paid to programs, advertising networks, affiliate marketing and social media monetization.

Who the owner of Dosh Dosh?

His name is Maki (he actually guy ... maybe you though the writer is a girl because of numerous picture of cute anime girls on his blog), currently student of Political Science and Philosophy in Toronto, Canada. He actually have a wide interest such as ass communication, philosophy, sociology, and many more.

Why Dosh Dosh?

This blog is only 4 months online should give a new bloggers a momentum to be same like this blog. However, this blog still cannot beat problogger and shoemaker but I bet, give a time to Maki, Dosh Dosh someday will be number 1 blog that everyone are looking for.

b) Kumiko's Cash Quest

If compare with Dosh Dosh, Kumiko's Cash Quest is more focus on how she want to increase her online revenue with writing skills and creativity to attract readers to come again to visit her blog. Only 4 months, but the exposure of this blog make me thinks that this blog will be hit soon. Even Kumiko's Cash Quest also have been features in problogger speedlinking.

Who the owner of Kumiko's Cash Quest?

Kumiko Suzuki is a mix Japanese-American and still young if compare with me (sweet 23 years old). She still studying in Computer Science (degree) and working part time (serves beef bowls).

Why Kumiko's Cash Quest?

Firstly, this blog still new, but already attract some big name such as Darren Rowse (problogger) and Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney). So for me, it's must read to a new blogger to understand writing skills and how to generate traffic with your killer post.


Posted by Zamri@ 3/07/2007 11:49:00 PM

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