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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My e-mail to and Advertise on my blog

Yes, I have sent an e-mail to Kah Soon through Contact Page. The content is like this :

Hai kahsoon,

Actually first time i came to ur site. It nice and simple. I LIKE it! I want to get some advice from u about blog. Is it ok if i buy 1 hosting and built my blog using wordpress? Bcoz i want freedom to blogging (not to static with blogger).

Can u give me tips/something like tutorial how to start my own blog?

What ur suggestion about my blog(above)?

Actually almost 2 years I blogging as part time. But still not bought my own hosting for myself. Why? I believe that I have to make myself clear about blogging, built more traffic on this blog and get good pagerank. So, that after I transfer to my own hosting, I have my own readers, experience and niche to blog.

Ok, I'm also still editing my blog design to make more interesting, comfortable and can make readers stay long at my blog. I'm also add new column at my right side for advertisement. If someone want to advertise at my blog you can drop an e-mail to me and give any price you want for one textlink or banner (120x120). For your information, my pagerank is 3 and I have 20 -30 unique traffics per day. So I think it's suitable for new web or bloggers that need traffic to their blog.

I'm also open for link exchange in order to generate more traffic to my blog. This is one way to generate traffic to your blog by linking your blog to others bloggers that have good pagerank and traffics. Actually, there is may way you can generate traffic to your blog but here I just state one or two only. You can Google it.

Lastly, if you want to read what suggestion from Kahsoon you can read more. Feel free to contact me if you want to advertise here or you want to exchange link with me.

The first reader want to know how to start his own domain blog and the second reader want to know how to earn some money from blogging. Both of them need guidance from me so i will just write a simple walkthrough from starting your own domain blog to earning some money from the blog.

First of all why do you need a domain name for your blog. Like what the first reader is looking for, the freedom of blogging. Most blogger(like me) started off with blogspot but soon need something more powerful and more freedom to blog so they will try to get their own domain name and use Wordpress or other weblog publishing tool. When you want to get your own domain name, first of all you need to pick a niche/topic. You need to know what kind of blog you want to make so that you can choose the best domain name for it. Its easy if you want to make a personal blog, you can simply use your name or any cool names as your domain name, if you want to make a focus topic blog, then you need to do some homework.

There are two option you can choose to get the best domain for focus topic blog. First option is you want to do branding like Google or Yahoo or Digg that have a cool name and easy to remember, second option is you can choose a domain that will be very Search Engine friendly like for example you want to make a toy blog, then you will want to get a domain like or because these are the keywords that people will search for when they use search engine.

Next is to get a hosting for your blog, remember that speed and the price is not the only criteria you need to emphasize on, you also need to ask around whether the service of the hosting company is good and try to get as much of information from other people before doing any purchase. If you want cheap blog hosting recommendation you can contact me and i’ll share with you some good quality ones.

That will answer the first reader’s question and next i move on to the second reader’s question. How to earn some money from blogging. The key to this is do alot of research and i mean ALOT of research. Try to read alot of articles on the internet and forums. Here are some site that i frequent and will give you alot of help to earn some money from blogging. [ 1, 2, 3 ] Don’t be skeptic in reading those ebooks that teaches you how to earn money online. I was once a skeptic but the increase of earning after reading this particular ebook really proves that i was wrong. There are some valuable tips provided and i’ve learned something from it, i don’t mind giving one or two tips of what i’ve learned from it, just contact me personally.

To make some money from blogging, most important thing is that you need alot of traffic and unique content. To get more traffic to your blog, i don’t really need to teach you here because there are too many useful articles out there on the net, just Google it. But one thing you should know is that you must always set a goal for yourself. As for unique content, you can take PSP World as an example, if you blog about something unique like PSP, definately there will be alot of people visit your blog to know more about PSP and get the latest news from your blog.

What you can do when you have a blog with high traffic and unique content, you can register AdSense, AdBrite or Chitika and many other wonderful advertising company and you can earn money from publishing their advertisement. You can also sell advertising space in your blogs using Blogads or manually make an advertising space in your blog like the one i did it on top of this blog.

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Posted by Zamri@ 2/21/2007 04:47:00 AM

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