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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Earn Money When You Search with SlashMySearch

How many time using search engine to find your topic of interest? Are you interested to make money while you complete your search? If this two question give a positive answers than you should join this program.

I'm average per day will do a search almost 30 - 35 times per day including in office and at home. So, I think it's benefit if I'm register in this program and try it for a week and not only results from searching that I get but I'm also being paid by SlashMySearch. Not only that, they will pay you if someone register under you.

One thing that have taken my sight that SlashMySearch not as good as what I thought or if compare with Google or Yahoo, their level still to far. May be, this program still in beta or testing. Just wait and see whether their search engine will capable to compete or not with others search such as Yahoo or Google.

What is SlashMySearch?
The program enables you make money while you doing your searching. This program not pay per click scheme but it base on your searching on SlashMySearch.

How you can generate your revenue from SlashMySearch?
When you doing your searching on SlashMySearch. Even you got paid if you get referral. See picture below for further understanding.

How to register?
You can click SlashMySearch and fill in your information. If you doesn't have a paypal account you can register here.

Remarks :: All the questions and answers were made by Part Time Blogger and there is no relation between Part Time Blogger and SlashMySearch.

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Posted by Zamri@ 2/28/2007 11:56:00 PM

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