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Monday, April 17, 2006

My Xperience - Generate traffic to my blog

Once you complete built your own blog - using Blogger or Wordpress or your own host. You think your have done and get ready to start. But have your thought how to get more surfers come to your blog? I mean built huge traffic to your blog?

I have think about it and do a bundle of research inorder to get huge traffic come to my blog. But still my traffic not up to my expectation. Generally for average 20 - 30 person come to my blog. So what have to do inorder to make my count more than 100 per day. Here, i list a guidelines for myself inorder to accomplish my target.

a) Try to involve in many forum that discuss about Adsense, Affiliates or make money online. Every single of my post will be include my blog url. It's like free advertisement promotion for you.


b) Register in autosurf program. Why? because it's no need to pay, you just surf for hits. More you surf more hits you get. But if you have extra money you can subscribe to pro account that can give you more hits without surfing. (But this i will consider later)

(As you seen at a top of my blog)



c) Also can describe as free advertisment - include your blog url in your email signature. When your sent to your friends, they can see your blog url. Even when they forward your email, your blog url still be there.

d) Always visit others blog and leave a comment. Why? They can trackback your email or blog link that you leave at their comment. And at the same time you can have many friends and link up with them.

e) Use free submission web to get your blog link register in their search engine crawler.


f) Try to specific your title, scope of blog or niche. This still in research. Before this, i just find the articles and paste to my blog. But start today i will try to write it by myself and and if i busy (i'm still working and blogging whenever i have free time) i will summarize others tips that i get from my searching.

As i start writing today ,(truely create from my brain) so i declare myself already prepared to battle with other bloggers to dominate a world of blogging.

Posted by Zamri@ 4/17/2006 01:15:00 PM

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