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Monday, September 06, 2004

Missed a call? Don't panic ...

SERI KEMBANGAN: Local telecommunications solutions developer Unified Communications Sdn Bhd ( introduced its Missed Call Notification solution at the Asean Communications and Multimedia Forum and Expo (ACM 2004) earlier this week.
While most cellular phones and services currently support calling line identification presentation (CliP) -- which displays the caller's number and voice mailbox which records his message -- the problem with CLiP is that it doesn’t work when the phone is switched off or busy, beyond network coverage, the call is from overseas, or the phone owner is roaming overseas.
“Also, many people don’t like leaving voicemail messages and retrieving them is rather expensive, especially when overseas," Unified Communications product and software development director Anthony Ching told In.Tech at ACM 2004. Missed Call Notification (MCN) connects to mobile operators’ network equipment. It records and stores all callers’ numbers and gives subscribers the choice to access caller records in a variety of ways. The system can also notify callers, by SMS, that the subscriber is busy. “The moment the subscriber’s phone is switched on again, is free or comes within home or roaming network range, MCN will send him an SMS with details of missed calls,” said Ching. Subscribers can also call into an interactive voice response (IVR) system which reads out the phone numbers of missed calls, or log into the service’s WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or web portals from their phone or PC, and view information on the missed calls. “They can also upload their personal phone book to the system so they will see callers’ names corresponding to the numbers,” said Ching. To help save on international costs to call home while overseas, roaming subscribers can call into an USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) server which calls them back at their home market's international rates, automatically dials up the caller, and connects the two parties.
MCN is based on Unified’s UniLink voice processing and MExLink mobile data technologies, and is built with SS7 signalling technology using NetStructure boards from Intel Corp’s Network Building Blocks division.

Good for us but how much they gonna to charge us? I hope free... hehehehehe....

Posted by Zamri@ 9/06/2004 03:21:00 PM

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