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Monday, August 02, 2004

Jokes for today

Teacher : History is a very interesting subject. It tells you about what had happened in the past. Student : Please teacher,I don't think I want to study history.
Teacher : Why?
Student : There is no future in it.
Teacher : Ted,if your father has $10 and you ask him for $6, how much would your father still have?
Ted : $10.
Teacher : You don't know maths.
Ted : You don't know my father!
Mother : David, come here.
David : Yes, mum?
Mother : You really disappoint me. Your results are getting worse.
David : But I will only get my report book tomorrow.
Mother : I know that.But I am going toHong Kong tomorrow, so I am scolding you now
Father : Why did you fail your mathematics test?
Son : On Monday,teacher said 3+5=8
Father : So?
Son : On Tuesday,she said 4+4=8 And on Wednesday, she said 6+2=8.If she can't make up her mind, how do I know the right answer?
Old lady : Doctor,I've got a pain in my left leg.
Doctor (after examining her) : It's caused by old age.
Old lady : Nonsense. My right leg is all right and it's as old as the left leg
Two men were facing each other on the train.
First man : I know my hearing isn't that good, but I never thought this would happen. I must have gotten stone deaf. Here you have been talking tome for an hour and I can't hear a word.
Second man : I wasn't speaking. I was only chewing gum.

[ senyum adalah sedekah.. ketawa tandanya gembira .. menangis kerana sedih adalakanya gembira kerana terlampau banyak ketawa hingga nak pocah ulu ati dan pankreas .......hehehe ]

Posted by Zamri@ 8/02/2004 11:46:00 AM

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